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Put your best foot forward

Our feet go through so much every day, uncomfortable shoes, running, standing up at work, it can be so easy to neglect them. Take these simple steps to relieve pain within your feet at the end of a hard day by starting with soaking them in some warm water with milk and peppermint oil. The milk helps to disperse the oil throughout the water and the peppermint oil will have a refreshing and cooling action on your feet, you only need 2-3 drops for a foot soak. After 15 minutes of soaking take some time to massage your feet with a nourishing lotion. Applying pressure point massage can really help to reduce tension and pain in the soles of the feet. Lastly make sure to elevate your feet, this will help to reduce swelling in the area by draining fluid and relieving pressure, you can also apply a cool pack to soothe any inflammation or redness.

Alternatively book a relaxing pedicure treatment, this treatment can be experienced once a month for maintaining perfect toes and feet.

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